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Plaque Mounting

Plaque mounting is a great picture framing alternative to present a photo, print, or certificate. Plaque mounting is great for high volume poster marketing projects as well as for hanging one or two images around the house. Call for details today!

Things you need to know about plaque mounting:

What Plaque Mounting is:
Plaque Mounting is the process of laminating your print, photo or certificate directly to a board. Edges of the plaque are finished with a beautiful bevel in your choice of 4 different colors: Gold, Black, Silver and White. Plaques are available in both glossy and matte finishes. 

Durability of Plaques:
When an image is turned into a plaque it will be protected against moisture, UV light, smudges and scratches while looking fantastic. 

How To Hang Plaques:
All of the plaques will come with a routed keyhole slot on the back (as pictured below) this will be used with a nail to hang. 

Price of Plaque Mounting:
The following is a list of prices for plaque mounting.

Wholesale Prices  Retail Prices
 Matte & Glossy Finish Matte & Glossy Finish 
United Inches* Price   United Inches* Price
10"-18" $5.48   10"-18" $9.75
19"-25" $7.81   19"-25" $15.76
26"-36" $13.80   26"-36" $24.54
37"-42" $16.25   37"-42" $28.90
43"-50" $21.63   43"-50" $43.64
51"-60" $29.24   51"-60" $52.00
61"-70"  $39.18   61"-70" $69.68
71"+ Call for Quote   71"+ Call for Quote
United Inches=Length+Width