Company History

Our company began as a small wholesale and retail business selling finer art prints through poster racks in Baltimore, Maryland.  Founded in 1982 as a small art and print retailer Galleri Suisse, the company had only about 15 accounts when the owners decided to move to San Diego, California, and offered their business for sale.   

Daniel P. Regenold, working as a business broker in Baltimore, attempted to find a buyer.  When no serious offers came forward, he made arrangements with the Schiess family to take over daily operation of the business himself in March, 1983.  He left the brokerage firm soon after to devote full time to his new endeavor. 

Operating as a wholesale business only, the company immediately began to satisfy requests for placement of more popular posters with new accounts.  Music, collegiate, and personality styles were test marketed with the small existing customer base and added to our wholesale line.  As sales and profits of customers dramatically increased, new customers requested merchandise. 

Increased sales efforts and a growing reputation began to add more new customers almost daily.  In 1984, Dan Regenold changed the company name to Posterservice, Incorporated.    

Posterservice added several out-of-state customers by the end of 1984, and began shipping through UPS.  Several major college and university stores came on board in 1985.  These colleges and others that followed appreciated our progressive collegiate selection and commitment to same day service.  Since that time, Posterservice has grown into one of the country’s largest poster wholesalers to colleges, record stores, gift stores, and other markets.

Posterservice moved from an oversized basement into its first warehouse in Baltimore in 1985, and then to a larger facility in Kensington, Maryland in 1986.  The company opened new accounts in almost every state, becoming a truly national corporation.  Posterservice then purchased a major competitor, Dargis Associates of Columbia, Maryland, in late 1987.   

Our reputation for fair treatment of customers, fast shipping, a large selection, and a sensible return policy fueled another growth period.  Posterservice introduced the Rack Track program, which was received by customers with great enthusiasm.  That program is now regarded as the best in the business. 

Posterservice added new sales representatives to fully service the needs of clients nationwide. Over 30 representatives currently sell our extensive line to retail buyers across the United States. 

We added a new line of imported art prints in late 1988 to satisfy customer requests for higher-margined art.  Experiencing excellent acceptance by our customers, we expanded the line a year later, and it is now one of our major product lines.

To better serve an expanded national market, Posterservice relocated all manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, inside sales, and customer service operations to a larger and more centralized location in Cincinnati, Ohio, in April 1990.

Expansion continued in January 1992, when Posterservice acquired National Trends, a major poster distributing company located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  This acquisition added highly qualified sales representatives and also expanded our business into publishing our own posters.  Many of the posters represented in our catalog are now created and published by our own publishing operation, known as POP, or Posterservice Originals Publishing.

Posterservice / Frame USA Company History

In response to customer requests for quality frames at reasonable prices, Posterservice began to produce its own poster frames and gallery frames in 1992.  Picture frame sales grew quickly, and in early 1994, the frame operations of Posterservice were renamed Frame USA, Inc., and became an independent company partially owned by Posterservice, Inc.

Frame USA began to rapidly increase its product line to include a wide variety of wood frames in many sizes.  The line now included wooden art and picture frames, metal frames, poster frames, mats, shadow box frames, and frames for certificates, diplomas, and other important documents.  

Dana Gore, a long-time employee of Posterservice, Inc. was named President of Posterservice and Frame USA, Inc. in late 1994.   Dana maintains offices in the Washington D.C. area and at Frame USA in Cincinnati.

The internet became a part of our business when we launched our first websites in 1996 for Posterservice and Frame USA.  Since then, our internet presence has grown to become a large part of our business, with considerable growth occurring especially during the last few years.  We now also have separate websites for The Frame Place, Mat Designers, Economy Frames, and Frame Closeouts.

We are proud of our websites, and invite you to visit them.  They now include:,,,,, and

Posterservice and Frame USA moved again in February 2003  into our current 85,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing facility in the northern Cincinnati area.  After extensive remodeling, we now have a state-of-the-art facility.

Frame USA Warehouse Outlet store opened to the public in October 2004, and has been creating Raving Fans for Frame USA ever since.  The store has been a great success.  Frame USA also donates a separate space within our building to host the Tri County Studio of Visionaries and Voices, a local organization for artists, especially those with disabilities

Frame USA manufactures and distributes quality, American-Made frames in standard and custom sizes, shipping to customers within 7-10 working days. Faster shipping is also available for many items.   The company continues to grow rapidly.

A personally rewarding part of what we do at Frame USA involves our company’s charity initiatives.  Founder and CEO Dan Regenold has integrated a culture of giving into our company makeup. We feature a Charity of the Month on our home page and support local charities through our outlet store. 

Our biggest charity drive of 2010 and 2011 was “Fill the Truck.”  Our customers and vendors helped us fill a trailer truck each December with donations to help a local charity, and helped other charities in 2011 through ten additional trucks at different locations.

In January 2012, Frame USA was officially recognized as a Pillar of the Community. We were honored to receive the Medical Mutual 2012 Pillar Award for Community Service, an award honoring businesses that make outstanding contributions to their community, to "recognize creative efforts that make a difference."

We’re proud of our company’s history, and we believe our future is bright.  We will continue to do our best at every effort we undertake.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality American made picture frames we can produce, at the best prices we can offer, and deliver them to you on time, in excellent condition.

We’re proud of our products, our service, and the way we stand behind what we do.  When it comes to serving our customers, our goal is to create Raving Fans of Frame USA.  We guarantee you’ll love our frames and the way we treat you at Frame USA!